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This is where I try to convince you to use my services. I started helping families way before Geek Squad was a gleam in Best Buy’s eye! Before TechTV went on the air (it eventually evolved into G4TV). Before iPhones, Smartphones, or Steve Jobs and Apple came up with the first iPod, even before DSL!

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When I first offered my services to a technically confused woman at Delta Computers (uh, I mean Delta Electronics, a year before the new store and name change) little did I know that I was kicking off an exciting new career.

I went to her house to install a sound card for free that she had purchased from Delta. She insisted on two things, paying me (we fought for a short while on that one) and recommending me to all her friends.

With almost no advertising, strictly through word of mouth I watched my “family tree” of customers exceed 300 families! In those two decades I can honestly say I have only five unsatisfied clients.

If you ever have about thirty minutes I would be happy give the circumstances of those five wayward accounts. 🙂  I have always strived for a 100% satisfaction rating, and so far 300 families agree.

If you need my services, (computer maintenance, repair, upgrades, data transfer, software installs, computer lessons, networking, damage reports for insurance, creating and configuring profiles, Windows 7 and Windows 8 installs, and (yuck!) virus, spy, and assorted other malware removal) please find my contact link at the top of this page and phone, text, or email me, reply to my blog, or send me a smoke signal.

(Yes. I have sent the above paragraph to Guinness for application in the World’s longest sentence contest.)

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