To Bing or not to Bing..

I have been a believer in M$ (Microsoft) since I sadly put away my Commodore 64. Microsoft has had the “Bill Gates” imprint on it since he was a goofy kid in t-shirts, and computers were a rare and pricey anomaly.

Take away all the jealousy over his outrageous wealth, giant-slaying monopoly killers and you will see the truth. Bill’s little corporation has single-handedly, created a multi-billion dollar industry.

How did this happen you ask? By “partnering” with almost every company that wanted to connect into the computer industry. The late (and revered) Steve Jobs once replied, when asked what Bill Gates had that Steve lacked, “His ability to partner with many companies”.

Oddly enough and little known, Bill even had a partnership with Apple. Yes Microsoft code writers have actually written Apple software! I say this to emphasize the extreme talent that Bill Gates possesses to partner with almost any competition, enemy, and seemingly unrelated businesses.

All those partnerships brought wealth and strength to M$ but it also started a fire under the computing industry and grew a home market that even IBM top brass thought could never happen. Of course M$ also partnered with big, medium and small business as well.

Imagine if you will, a World where Bill Gates was never born.

If Apple was the only home PC, there would be no partnerships and if you thought M$ had a monopoly, wow! All software would be controlled, owned and managed by Apple. All hardware would be owned controlled and built by Apple. All computer services for home use and small to medium business would be strictly managed by Apple.

No other companies would make any money from the home computing industry. For that reason the prices of Apple PCs would stay very high (no competition) thus limiting the growth in the home market.

I would bet 10,000 dollars.. (Mitt made me do it) that we would still have green screen dumb terminals and only the wealthiest families would have Macs. It took a lot of deal-making to grow a multi-billion dollar industry.

Now this is not why I am writing this blog. My purpose was to tell you of a dangerous turn Microsoft has just made. I am a PC consultant by trade and have cheered on the mega-monopoly M$ has become under the guidance of Bill Gates. Bill is a business man and knows if everyone is happy, we can all make money and grow.

Under Bill Gates M$ never attempted to siphon private information from us by hiding code in the software we all were using. I always felt safe and secure from that kind of aggressiveness. The kind we are now weathering from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Bing.

Hey! How did Bing get in there? Bing is Microsoft! Bing should not be in that list!

It cut me like a knife, when I saw the startup software on my latest laptop configuration. When I began to configure a brand new Asus 17 inch laptop on December 14th 2011, my eyes burned and my mouth dropped open gapingly wide. I read the message five times to make sure I saw it correctly.

I could not install Windows 7 Home Premium on this Asus laptop unless I agreed to install, wait for it…

Bing and it’s toolbar!

Hey Bill Gates! IF YOU ARE OUT THERE, PLEASE COME BACK. The idiot you have left to run your company has gone to the dark-side! Can you imagine where this is leading? The software that arguably is a monopoly is now railroading us into using their inferior search software!

I (the guy with a dyed in the wool Microsoft Windows flag permanently tattooed on my arm)DSCF3808 am now suspicious of the Bing toolbar. When I uninstall a Google or Yahoo! toolbar, they are done in ten seconds or less on most PCs. I have noticed that the Bing toolbar can take three to six times longer for its extraction. What are you crazies at M$ cooking up in that obnoxious search bar?

I am not for any toolbar as they all negatively affect performance but one with some specific feature that you may need could be helpful. An example: the Google toolbar has some user metrics that are valuable to affiliate marketers.

But I draw the line at being forced to install anyone’s toolbar! And that goes especially for monopolistic Microsoft. I love you Bill, but I also love my freedom and will not give that up even if that means I go Linux or Apple. If M$ under Steve Ballmer is going to force us to install at his whim whatever junky, and prying software he decides to concoct, I am out.


Update (as of June 27, 2014)

Hooray! Cooler heads have prevailed at Microsoft! Steve Ballmer has stepped down and a kinder, gentler CEO has taken the reins at M$. India-born Satya Nadella, 46 years old is only the third CEO of Microsoft! He has made an impact immediately and I no longer feel we are threatened or coerced by installation licenses.

There is a “conical fish trap” connected with Windows 8 though.win8bg05 Have you ever seen a piece of window screen shaped as a funnel and placed on the opening of a large-mouth bottle? It is cleverly designed to allow small fish to swim in (from the wide part of the funnel and slip smoothly into the small hole at the opposite end). Once the fish is in the bottle there is no way to swim out, just prickly window screen that prevents exiting this diabolical trap!

How does this resemble Windows 8.1? Well, you can easily install it but the best functionality needs a Microsoft Account, to access the Microsoft Store! That store is a never-ending source of things you can buy to make your Windows 8.1 experience even better! With minor adjustments it could be used to meter out daily usage of any service or app or even access to Windows itself! Let’s face it, the more we pay the happier they are at M$ (my Mama didn’t raise no fool)!

Yes, we are indeed “in the bottle” waiting to see what our new captors are planning for us next!


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