Family Reunion

As most do, my wife’s family has slowly grown apart. Through the miracle of social media a Family Reunion was devised. At first it was to be held in a small community of Hancock, Wisconsin but with a considerable lack of debate, and oddly enough only one resounding negative vote, the site was changed.

It seems the charming micro-town of Hancock and particularly one small bowling alley/bar might not have been as excited about receiving our party of twenty-something family members as we were at meeting there.

You see, my wife’s Grandmother owned that quaint four lane bowling alley and combination bar for some years and it became an icon of family fun in those days. But today apparently it is now owned by a grumpy old man who is more interested in our money than our memories. Also it is a couple of hours from Milwaukee, which is home base for a majority of the family.

At the last moment at a slight suggestion by one, entire group decided that a Milwaukee reunion was better. Graciously Tricia and Greg allowed us to meet at their lovely home and the rest is history.

I can honestly say we all had a marvelous and memorable meeting that went way too quickly. We got to know each other again, catch up on classic old stories, and some met for the first time.

Breunig Reunion 2012-9-22c

Social media can bridge a gap and allow us to talk but nothing works as well as a face to face meeting where any and all secrets, sad stories and accomplishments can find the light of day and reunite a great family that was slowly drifting asunder.

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