Why Android?

I grew up poor and creative. I did not grow up deprived. I used my imagination to trade my way into most of the toys I wanted including a microscope, and even once and very temporarily a bicycle (until his Mom un-did that deal). I guess that’s why I just don’t feel joining, being told how high to jump, and pay, pay paying for almost everything, is for me (the Apple model).

I am surprised that you think it is such a great fit for you, “iPhone-ians” especially if you have a Gmail address which rocks big time in a good Android phone. With an Android, (Galaxy III, my EVO, or one of many others), you get a seamless way to easily access Gmail, contacts, schedules, secure shopping without having to enter credit card info in your mobile phone and even Google+.

You also get great widgets, for weather, sports, news, other special info and technical live widgets such as PC World, CNet, and for great reviews engadget.

And best of all its completely FREE! No obligation, and minimal signing up for anything. What all this means is an extremely adjustable home page (Actually my EVO has 7 home pages where I can drag any widget, or shortcut).

When I flick one finger down the home screen I instantly see all people trying to reach me by Gmail, Google+, my pcguru@markwindsor.net mail, voicemail, text messages, twitter and Facebook, and any update activity for my apps and widgets. It could tell of many more but that is all I am using now.

This EVO has given me a more organized approach to my customers than I have ever dreamed of having. Also the seamless synchronization with any Android tablet is simply amazing. This allows you to do something on the phone and the tablet is aware, and vice versa. If I set an appointment in my tablet, it is immediately on my EVO phone. If I send or receive email from my EVO phone, the tablet is sync’d.

The Apple iPhone is suited well for people who have “me.com” email addresses, and are comfortable only being able to sync music, photos, ringtones, videos, and all data, through iTunes, or iCloud. This is by design (Apple’s) to keep you within their money-stream.

Both my EVO and my Nexus 7 tablet can be sync’d (I can freely copy) any of the above data, photos, music, etc. by simply dragging and dropping them from a PC straight into the EVO or tablet via a USB cable.

True the iPhone always has a “one-up” trick up its sleeve, but never has offered the freedom and flexibility that the Android devices have.

And with Google driving the new technology, there is a free pool (the size of Lake Michigan) of exciting new conceptual ideas constantly pouring into the Android devices. Examples are:

-Near field communication
-The ability to detect what you want and present it to you
-Great leaps in voice recognition
-Cohesively strapping all your communication into an effortless suite
-A super scan app that can ID a product by sight called Google Goggles

Virtually hundreds of thousands of man-hours and woman-hours,
(but I hate the term “person-hours”) making our lives easier and a heck of a lot more fun and all,

wait for it..

For Free! The Android to me has been like Christmas coming 365 times a year. Let’s look at the two business models.

First Apple depends upon a constant money-stream from its customers to pay for the leading-edge technical design, overseas manufacturing, software, shipping, distribution, packaging, and sales in brick and mortar stores (made way too pretty).

As you can see, if Apple “gave away the store” (that is offered most services for free) they would be bankrupt in no time at all. That’s why Apple deliberately locks down their iPhone, iPAD, iPOD, and i-Infinitum devices so you have to buy almost everything.

Then enter, Google. A new business model. Where does Google get its money? Most of us would believe it’s by magic!

We don’t pay them (at least not directly) and they give, give, give technology, and designs, and software to the Android World for almost free! Do you have any idea what top-level technology experts get per hour? Big Bucks! We can only guess on the number of combined hours or research and development that Google has performed ultimately for Android users and not directly charged them one penny!

What a business model! Google started in a small garage, and resisted going the conventional way of search engines of the day, making money by overt advertising all over their home pages (Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, yada yada..).

Yes, Google did not dive into that pool. They sat back and improved their engine, by making it faster, more intuitive, more friendly (child-like colors and warm and fuzzy logos) and grew a very loyal user base.

Why not? We got excellent searches without obnoxious banners flashing in our faces, and gauntlets of link-traps designed to misdirect us into an advertising rabbit hole that Alice could not escape. While Google’s web hits were over-the-Moon they were still working out their outside-the-box, brand new business model.

We users never saw it coming because it did not cost us directly, or slam us in the face, but Google began making money, lots and lots of money. Where do all these magical funds come from? (I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, Mrs Harris (my fourth grade teacher), but I did this for literary effect). Ultimately from our pockets, but you would never know it.

Huh? How’s that again? Any self-respecting right-winger would tell you all costs to businesses are somehow shifted back to you or those businesses would not make any profits. Google blazed an heretofore completely new money-stream by charging sponsors, the very companies for which you and I are searching (I hope your happy now, Mrs. Harris).

Of course those businesses gladly would pay for a top spot surgically inserted only where a motivated customer was actively searching! Most of these businesses had pretty much decided long ago that they had to throw away large, sloppy amounts of money that often missed the target buyer (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, billboards etc..) to get a few good customers.

Now your business can target specific phrases and jump to the top of those searches connecting with only highly motivated customers? Where do I sign up? Now at first blush this looks like a very limited money-stream. A car dealer buys car searches, a food store buys food searches.. Wrong!

Just for example, say Ford buys better idea, Ford, economy, built Ford tough, Chevrolet buys, see the USA, Chevy, Chevrolet, best car, best cars, stylish cars, etc..

What this shows is there are millions of search word combinations that Google can sell and thousands of happy businesses eagerly wanting to pay for them.

What a business model. We get World-class lightning fast searches (many, many thousands drilled down into the cream of the crop, most likely responses) with only a careful few paid sponsors, clearly marked and not obstructing our desired goal.

Google did not stop there. As the funds poured in they thought again, way outside-the-box and decided to create technology that could find those ready-to-buy customers (us) even sooner than our mouse-clicking for those products.

This is what spawned many of the services (if not all) that Google has gladly gifted to us.

Huh? How can my Gmail help Google target me for those hungry businesses? Once again notice in the Google business model you won’t find any blatant ads on your Gmail web page, so how does Google afford to give away a fantastic email client stuffed with features, and seamlessly connected with contacts, calendars, and Google+? Something Microsoft has tried to do for over ten years and so far has miserably failed.. Don’t get me started on Microsoft’s shortcomings.

The answer, my friend (is not blowing in the wind..) it’s in the small print when you install Gmail. We are allowing Google to scan all our messages looking for content that could be used to decide what we want, when we want it, and what we don’t want. That information is made into cohesive reports that mega-businesses pay mega-money to see.

Why build a store in an area that would have no shoppers? Why waste advertising dollars on markets that aren’t your target buyers? Google pieces together all that Gmail chatter into big precise customer maps for every type of business. This information is vital for them to get through this ever slowly rebuilding economy.

Google has also made almost Sci-Fi type advances in both facial identification, and voice recognition and given this to us for free. In Picasa you can now assign a name to a face in a crowd and a virtual folder containing most of the photos of that person is created. This is amazing technology that without the Google model would easily cost a hundred dollars presented in a tightly licensed software package.

If you have a live microphone on your computer, Google’s voice recognition is also made available to you, sans charges. This same VR (voice recognition) is now added to most Android devices. And not only that, it learns as you use it. That is to say it gets smarter and better able to understand your ism’s and accent (I dunt got naw assent).

Okay, why does Google want this technology used? So we can more clearly tell them what we want and who we want it for (sorry Mrs. Harris).

It won’t be long until we have talking billboards that seamlessly connect with our living, and shopping habits. As we pass by the smiling face on the billboard will say, “Hi Mark, we have a sale on those Orange Mio Vitamin flavors you purchased last week. Also you may want to try the new Pink Lemonade 5 Hour Energy bottles.

Now how did the billboard know what I bought and might buy? Hmmm? The Mio was probably tracked by my use of a shopper loyalty discount tag to get a price break last week. But since I have not bought the 5 Hour Energy yet, how did the smiling face in the billboard know? The answer is simple.

When I got an email from my wife she mentioned it. Or was it when I commented on it on Google+? Then again, it might have been the mention on Facebook, or was it Twitter?

See how seamlessly all this information can lead to better advertising and sales. This is how we pay Google for all those free services.

What a business model. I get Apple quality technology constantly thrown at me and all I have to do is buy what I want when I want it. I don’t know about you, but I kinda like that deal.

Now we can get all paranoid and 1984 about it, but as I once said in a profile, “1984 came riding in on a horse named Google”. If you want total privacy you are a salmon swimming upstream. Without these privacy breaches, Apple would pretty much be the only game in town, computing would be a lot less fun, less productive and everything would cost a whole bunch more bucks.

Google has an exciting new product on the drawing board that when perfected will leave current day Apple in the dust. Google Glasses. Google it. There are videos of both conceptual and the functional prototype in use.

It all looks good to me. Please Google, see me as a waiting customer and give me a deal. I want!

I already bought your mobile phone, a ten-inch Android tablet and my new favorite the (Asus) Google Nexus seven-inch Android tablet with Jelly Bean. It only gets better.


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